FULL Colour METAL Artwork Quote Request



Just select how many transfers you need and upload your image. Specify the dimension you require, along with any other changes or requirements & the colour of the garment that you will be applying them to.

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30-day money-back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

Convert image files to vector  - from jpg, sketches, scans, and even photos - into highly flexible vectors. Vector images are tooled in a way that means they can be stretched, shaped, and resized without any loss of quality or blurry lines. Our image to vector conversion service is fast, reliable, and priced for anyone to use.

Accepted File Formats: EPS, PNG, PSD, JPG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TIF, AI, etc

  • 100% Handmade Vectors 

  • 24h Delivery

  • Competitive Rates 

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FULL Colour METAL Artwork Quote Request